So, you want to know who we are...  First, I think it's good to tell you who we're not.  We're not corporate.  We're not faceless, greedy, pushy cars salespeople.  We have a vast array of personalities, from super car guys, to empty nest moms looking to secure their future a bit more.  We laugh together, we cry together, we get annoyed with each other, but that's part of being a family, and we do our best to feel like family.  It's not a stated goal, but that feeling a closeness is something we strive to pass on to our customers.  When you're here to buy a car, you should feel like a person, not an object.  

We have come to recognize that our job has become to guide you through the process of finding a car that will be perfect for you.  The fact is that most of our communication is done via e-mail, and our customers know what car they want, they just need to determine what they're willing to pay for it.  With that in mind, we price our cars online at their lowest prices so we can avoid most of the "haggling" that no one really likes anyway.  So, that's mostly who we are... now the story of how we became what we are.

Sill-TerHar was started by Hugo Sill and Jack TerHar, Sr. in 1960, in a sleepy little town on the main road that ran from Boulder to Denver.  The primary philosophy behind the leadership of Jack TerHar, Sr was to support his community by providing jobs and a good, local way to buy a car.  This foundation was lain over several decades, and more than 40 years ago Jack's son, Jack TerHar, Jr. started dusting parts shelves in the store. Eventually 120th avenue would be replaced with the Boulder Turnpike, Broomfield would grow into a booming suburban community, and Sr. would give way to Jr.  The Ford business was good, and in the late 1990s Jack, Jr. decided to expand the store by bringing in the Ford Premier Automotive Group partners.  That meant Jaguar, Volvo, Lincoln, Mercury, and Aston Martin.  Mazda followed shortly thereafter.  Our success in the luxury business soon brought other brands, like Maserati to our store.  

Now we find ourselves, more than a half a century later, still committed to the home grown, community focused, attitude that we started with so long ago.  Our new partner, Greg Larson, is a Broomfield kid who has spent most of his life in the car business, growing from successful salesman, to sales manager at various stores, including here, and now dealer partner.  As we look forward to the future we know that ours is an industry poised to change.  The way people buy cars is rapidly morphing and we intend to keep pace, and lead the way through.  But most importantly, we want to feel like family, with one another, and ideally with you.  There are many choices in the automotive industry, but our dependence on repeat and referral business means that we need to give you the best experience you can have, so you come back, and so you send your friends and family.  Ideally, from your first car, to your dream car, we'll be here for you.