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  • Jack TerHar
    303.469.1801 x.6514

    Jack joined his dad's dealership in 1970 and was quickly shown to be a natural in the automotive business. His success at building a wonderful family and business stems from an innate ability to make friends and positively influence those around him. His close relationship with the manufacturers has led him to having a unique perspective on the automotive industry. On his down time, he is an avid golfer and loves to travel. More than anything, he is proud of what Sill-TerHar has become, and values that his entire family is involved in its continued growth. He is pictured here with his wife Penny. 

    Favorite Car:
    2003 Ford GT

  • Greg Larson
    303.469.1801 x.129

    Greg's a Broomfielder through and through. He joined the staff in 2002 as a manager and has become known for his gruff exterior, however most of us know that if you don't let it phase you, you can get to his soft, nougaty center. As any well-versed leader, he commands respect and returns affection. He's a lot like Batman in that way. He loves the outdoors and his fifth wheel that he takes "camping."

  • Jeremy Lindstom
    Ford Sales Manager
    303.469.1801 x.171

    Jeremy joined us in late 2017 as our Internet Sales Manager. If you've contacted us by internet, there's a good chance that Jeremy has had a hand in those communications. When our Lincoln showroom was developed from the ground-up, he served as the Lincoln Sales Manager there before coming to the Ford showroom to be the Ford Sales Manager. He works with our salespeople to make sure our customers have an easy path through the buying process. Also, his military and correctional facility experience mean that he has a soft spot that you can really feel the moment you meet him. He tells me he loves Ligers too. Neat, huh?

  • Shane Gilmore
    Mazda Sales Manager
    303.469.1801 x.780

    Shane started at Sill-TerHar in 2005. Growing up in Broomfield, Shane used to look longingly at the great working environment of Sill-TerHar, and vowed that one day he'd be top salesman there. Little did he know that this was not in his future, so he became a manager instead. Also, interesting side note, he went to middle school with my wife, but you don't know me... so maybe that's just interesting to me.

  • Cole Gilmore
    Lincoln Sales Manager
    303.469.1801 x.763

    Cole first joined us as a 16 year old doing emission testing for our used cars.  Given that he's now twenty... something, or maybe thirty depending on when you're reading this... he's been around for a while.  He left for school and other pursuits including spending some time as an addiction specialist in LA.  He came back as a Mazda salesman and worked his way quickly to Lincoln Manager. He and his wife have a little boy named Jack, thanks to their love of the Pirates of the Carribean series.  Cole was a baseball player in college.  It sounds impressive, until you learn that his college baseball team had 7 players, and 3 of them were over the age of 50.  Their star center fielder was a beautiful yellow lab.  He finished his college career batting .112 with most of his success getting on base coming in the form of drag bunts.  He dreams of being able to play catch with his 2 year old son Jack, who was named after the guy that Rose kicks off her floating debris in the movie Titanic.  Finally he wanted it known that he has an enormous head.  It's like an orange on a toothpick.  Fortunately his sweet boy Jack, so called thanks to a love of Georgian actor Jack McBrayer's performance as Kenneth the page in 30 Rock, has a very normal sized head.

  • Nicole Larson
    Internet Manager
    303.469.1801 x.275

    Nicole (No, there's no H, no matter how badly we want there to be one) joined Sill-TerHar just before the entire world was put on a strange hybrid pause because 2020.  She brought with her a knowledge of marketing from the major Colorado University that's not CU.  We forgave her and hired her anyway.  She has 2 great loves in the world Corgis, and Levi blue jeans.  So it's no surprise that she adores her short legged sausage of a dog Levi, oddly named after Chuck lead man, and Shazam star, Zachary Levi.  When she needs some sun her favorite pastime is to join her family on the lake for some wakesurfing.  For the most part they love being out on the water, but apparently her parents get cranky when she insists on going out for a nice December day on the boat.  Remember folks, sunshine is nice, but 20 degrees is 20 degrees, even if it is sunny.  Life isn't always action and excitement for Nicole, it takes a very large Starbucks every morning before she's really willing to sit and discuss her life (I've found that out the hard way).  And in the evenings, when her family has told her that they absolutely can't go wakeboarding because it's snowing, and Levi is fast asleep, Nicole snuggles into her favorite blue jeans, curls up in bed with a good book and a glass of wine.  I suspect she prefers tear-jerkers as I've heard her describe herself as a pretty crier more than once, and if you're going to be a pretty crier, you're going to need practice.  I myself look like a blob fish yoinked from the ocean floor when I'm crying, but I think that's true for most people.

  • Jeff Boese
    Pre-Owned Sales Manager
    303.469.1801 x.103

    Jeff joined Sill-TerHar in 2007, and worked his way from salesman to finance manager to selling oil rigs to sales manager. One of those was not with Sill-TerHar.  Climbing the corporate ladder is easy for Jeff as he is 5 foot 19 inches tall, so he's pretty much already at the top before he starts.  Do you wonder what Jeff looks like when he's been surprised?  He looks like this.

  • Fred White
    Volvo Sales Manager
    303.469.1801 x.125

    Fred has been at Sill-TerHar since 1988, which means he's one of our longest tenured employees.  Fred has been in the Denver area all of his life, and currently resides in Broomfield with his wife, Lisa. When he's not loving his horses, he loves to hunt (there's a rumor going around that Fred is the guy that Dick Cheney shot by accident, but it mostly exists to build his reputation as a tough guy.) If you sneak up on him, you can see his softer side, like here, where he's seen intently watching an episode of Maury Povich.

  • Jake Tracy
    Luxury Service Manager
    303.469.1801 x.6503

    Jake asked me to update his bio.  I asked him for 5 facts about himself.  He wrote himself a eulogy.  So, since he's still alive, I'm going to tell you interesting things about Jake, not the things that I loved most about him before he died.  Jake started with us in 2016 in our Quick Lane but quickly proved that he was highly motivated by taking care of customers.  With that in mind, he was the logical choice for our luxury department's new service manager.  Also high on the list of consideration was his adoration of Huskies.  Being a dog person was high on the list of positive traits as it's pretty common to find a dog somewhere around our luxury service department.  He is known as the "guy who loves Huskies" but apparently that's not the sign of ultimate success, apparently that's identified by how happy customers are.  Personally, I think the Husky thing is pretty great.  He did mention that when he's not at work "he loves to be with his family, restoring classic cars..." I think it's great to have a shared hobby.  I'm surprised that he's got his kids working on the cars as they're quite small, but I suppose that makes it easier to get into the engine compartment to change out spark plugs.  He also is a fan of anything to do with sports.  You should really experience his passion for traffic control in NFL stadiums.  He's in love with the way people are directed in and out of Soldier Field, but don't get him started on getting to your seats at Lambeau...

  • Sean Roberts
    Ford Parts Manager

    As the Ford parts manager, Sean ensures that only quality, OEM parts find their way into your vehicle.  Of course, that doesn't really tell you anything interesting about who Sean is.  He didn't provide any information, but here's what I know.  He secretly loves Star Wars.  I'm not sure it's a secret, or if he just works with 30 people who don't know what Star Wars means.  He is kind enough to note just ramble on about the joys of Ahsoka Tano, but I'm pretty sure deep inside, her appearance in the Madalorian made him squeal like a 5 year old.    I do know that he has children and loves them a ton, he also watches over a bunch of parts folks who can be like 12-year olds, so he must have the patience of a saint.  Also, he told me a story about how he built a fence.  It wasn't a great story, but there was a twist where he ended up 2 pickets short and had to go out at 9 pm to finish the fence.  We laughed pretty hard at that part of the story.  Home Depot had them.

  • Bryan Reese
    Special Finance Manager
    303.469.1801 x.148

    Bryan joined Sill-TerHar in 2010 as half a third a quarter of our always growing special finance team. His role is to match people with cars that they love, as well as loans they can afford that may help them improve their credit. He is a dad above all else, but won't stop telling hunting stories, so one has to believe that's a passion for him. 

    Favorite Car:
    1968 Ford Mustang

  • Gigi Greenlee
    Customer Care Coordinator
    303.469.1801 x.177

    Gigi is the ray of sunshine that makes coming to work worth it, she is tasked with making sure that all of our customers are always as happy as they can be. She truly treats each one as though they're family... I'm realizing as I type this that having my intern take notes about employees is more effective when it's not Gigi's son.  Gigi loves doing triathlons and has completed some impressive events, like two Ironmen events. I can say from experience that, on her bike, she's a cadence rider. (That is to say that she can ride forever, but she's really slow up hills.) When we rode to work together on ride to work day I thought she was being nice on the hills so I didn't feel bad not keeping up, but it turns out she just goes slow sometimes.  Don't tell her I said this, but she really is amazing with customers after they've purchased a car, and we're lucky to have her.

  • Bobby Beaudoin
    Ford Sales Manager
    303.469.1801 x.108

    Bobby has been with the dealership for long enough that I can't remember a time without him.  A long-time local, he moved from sales, to finance, and now to management. We're all very proud he made it to management, but also a little surprised.  I've promised him that as long as we work together, I'll never let him forget his little mishap at the company golf tournament, so many years ago.  Fortunately Bobby survived, and now he's in charge of other people.

  • Drew Bell
    Lincoln Sales Associate

    Drew joined us in the year of the Yuck.  He was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, which is where 7-up was invented, was once known as the largest shoe-manufacturing center in the world, and is the original home of Sarah Clarke who apparently appeared in the Twilight movies?  The Nestle Purina careers page really had to reach for some of their St. Louis facts.  Also, did you know that your chocolate milk and dog food were made by the same company?  Sorry, I digress..  Drew got out of St. Louis and headed west for a real adventure when he chose CSU for his collegate education.  He doesn't list his major on here, but I can say that after numerous conversations with him, it was likely nuclear physics, or potentially custodial engineer.  He worked his way through college as a "busboy in restaurants" not to be confused with the bus boys who drive their VW Microbuses across the country discovering all that the US has to offer, they don't earn much.  In the summer time he would pack up his Green Honda Accord and head for the nearest rapid filled river to guide folks through the turbulent waters.  A perfect day involves waking up in his tent, packing up, heading to the nearest ski area for a little snowboarding followed by Nachos and Wings, then he opens up his Fan Duel app to win some money.  He said one of his hobbies is winning money on Fan Duel, so I assume if he's about to lose he just throws his phone away, gets a new one and opens a new account.  His favorite movies are 3:10 to Yuma (which I've heard of) and Birds of Prey, which according to the internet is a TV movie from 1973 about a former fighter pilot now working as a radio station traffic reporter witnesses a bank robbery. He chases down the bank robbers and a hostage in his helicopter. (I'm not familiar with this movie, but it sounds intriguing).

    His favorite vehicle ever was the moped he had in college.  His favorite vehicle had a top speed of 6.  I'm just going to leave that right there.  

  • Kelly Donaldson
    Luxury Sales Associate
    303.469.1801 x.6551

    Kelly started as a Ford sales associate in late 2016.  He has since moved to our luxury sales team because he's so refined and appropriate.  Not that any of our salespeople aren't... He's just super that way. He graduated from Vanderbilt. Or Villanova? I always get the two confused. When I asked for interesting things he said he does nothing for fun, he's terrible at skiing (but trying to be better), he played tennis in college, and he won the F1 Championship in 1997.  When he was 5. I think he was lying about the last one. If you meet Kelly don't be alarmed by how tall he is. He looks almost too tall because he's skinny, but really he's just normal too tall.

  • Todd Doty
    Luxury Technician
    303.469.1801 x.6540

    Todd joined us in 2011 along with our Lamborghini franchise.  His love of cars and vast knowledge of how they work set him apart as a truly expert technician.  Not only is Todd willing to sit and talk with his customers about the work he does, he teaches in his free time.  When you've worked on cars as much as Todd, you can do things like pull out an osciliscope and listen to the little robot in your car that makes it go, to figure out why he refuses to bang the thing, that makes the other thing make the fire.  I don't really know how cars work. When asked about his interests, Todd listed spending time with his children, shooting his guns and flying planes.  There's no clarification on what type of plane he flies, but given his skills, I imagine it's either an ultralight, or a 747.  I'm pretty sure he owns both.

  • John Estrada
    Special Finance Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.277

    John has been with Sill-TerHar for many years. Sadly, not all in a row. Fortunately for us, he realized that this truly is the best place to sell cars on the front range, so he's back and ready to pick up where he left off... although he's selling Fords now, not Mazdas, but it's the same idea.  The awesome background of this photo is simply some really bright poster board that I had in my office.  Please know that none of our dealership looks like that.

    Favorite Car:
    2011 Ford Mustang GT500

  • Steve Gates
    Mazda Parts Manager
    303.469.1801 x.772

    Steve started in 2013 as our Mazda-parts guy, and sits in a small blue room with a window that is reminiscent of a drive-through. I keep hoping that he'll put on a turban and do an impression of Zoltan from the movie Big, I think he could pull it off in his little blue room. When he's not telling fortunes, Steve enjoys woodworking, building all sorts of great things out of wood like this table, these eating implements, or this chair.

  • Jon Hansen
    Ford Fleet Manager
    303.469.1801 x.114

    Jon feels like he's been at Sill-TerHar since at least 2015, apparently it's been since 2013.  He generally sits quietly in back taking great care of his fleet customers. Jon is an avid golfer and loves watching his boys play baseball.  He's an excellent father, no one watches their kids hurt themselves in sports better than Jon. I mean, you should see his Facebook page, it's all broken arms, or busted lips, of course it really just proves that they're giving it their all, just like their dad.  On a side note, Jon prints things to the printer across the hall and ALWAYS leaves it on there. He's so bad about it that now, whenever I walk by and see something on the printer I hand it to him, and a solid 73% of the time, it's his!

  • Keith Johansson
    Volvo Service Advisor
    303.469.1801 x.777

    Keith started in 2007 as a Volvo lot tech, and was a great lot tech, for 5 years.  At that point he was still a great lot tech, but he decided to go get an education.  It doesn't say what his education was in, but given what I know about him, I'm guessing something nautical, like maybe cruise vacation planning, or shipboard sustainable gardening.  He came back to the fold in 2017 after realizing that he would never be the Martha Stewart of the cruise industry, and started helping people who were bringing their cars in for service.  He was beloved by our customers who visited him in our Quick Lane, but we were worried about whether he could maintain the intense level of friendliness that he exhibited.  It's not often you find someone as shiny and happy as Keith, so we moved him to Volvo where he could shine, the Lebron James of the service adviser profession.  (For those that don't know, Lebron James is a basketball player who is very good at what he does, like Alan Turing, only less sciencey)  When he's not helping people relax about the severity of their bent drive shaft, Keith loves to take his nephew to the dog park.  He used to take his dog, but his dog is a bit unruly apparently, and his nephew enjoys playing with the other dogs, although he hates wearing the cone of shame, which wouldn't be a problem if he didn't scratch at his bandaid.  Keith told us that his favorite color is yellow, in the winter.  I told him that yellow and winter REALLY don't go together, he said, in the summer his favorite color is purple.  Honestly, that made even less sense, although I can't really think of anything you shouldn't eat during the summer that's purple.  Except eggplant.  But that's not really a can't eat, and more of a don't eat it because it's gross, kind of thing.  Either way, if you work with Keith, there's a good chance that he'll take great care of you, and that he doesn't know what his favorite color is.

  • Greg Johnson
    Volvo Sales Guide
    303.469.1801 x.120

    Greg started at Sill-TerHar on December 7th, 2009. He's an avid golfer and whenever he can he enjoys travelling the country in his RV with his wife. He proudly points out that his RV is on a Ford chassis.  He did not mention how many TVs the RV has, and we all know that TVs are the true measure of an RV.  Well... TVs and bathrooms. 

    Favorite Car:
    1974 MGB GT

  • Angela Kirby
    Volvo Service Adviser
    303.469.1801 x.766

    Angela is one of our excellent Volvo advisors.  She is amazing at taking care of her customers, keeping her desk a cluttered mess, and breaking her computer is very interesting ways.  If you are working with her, be sure to check out her tiny rubber pig that sits on her desk.  He's adorable.  Also, he's not real.  Just some sort of rubber substance.

  • Ted Knepp
    Body shop Manager
    303.469.1801 x.775

    Ted started in 2007 and runs the greatest body shop I've ever had the pleasure of visiting (it may be the only body shop here, but it remains a hidden gem at Sill-TerHar.) Ted's soft-spoken demeanor leaves those around him smiling regularly as well as the old pricing board with movable lettering, which allows those who are a bit more mischievous to give his charm a more southern feel by offering his customers an iced tea.

  • Chris Kocourek
    Finance Manager

    Chris specifically wants no personal information online.  Which I take a great challenge.  I will now offer information that is in no way personal to Chris.  People have daughters and sons.  Some people have two daughters and one son.  People work at Sill-TerHar as Finance Managers, the good ones get to be promoted to a boss-like position.  Some people shouldn't smoke, but they still do, even when their friends tell them it is a terrible habit.  There's a this guy I know, not Chris, who has an RV that he loves, and even hand built a garage for it, barn raising style.  I think Chris may have heard this story, but it's not about him, because I respect him immensely and wouldn't put his personal information on the site.  Only four people were injured in the barn raising, and an old GI Joe doll was sadly buried in concrete.  Not Chris' GI Joe.  Just a doll at "a guy I know"'s house.  Some people, in their off time, really enjoy skiing.  Not Chris.  Or maybe Chris.  I'm not going to say, because of the personal information thing.  As I understand it, there are many people who attend Harvard every year.  They often graduate with degrees in such notable fields of education as Business Management, or Intergalactic Space Travel.  They are truly the smartest people, because Intergalactic Space Travel is very hard to do.  Did you know, that some people only wear white shirts and black pants to work, even though they have no uniform requirements?  I'm not going to say if I know someone who does that, but for privacy reasons, it's probably best to not look at Chris' bio photo.  Now you know absolutely nothing about Chris.

  • TJ Lovato
    Ford Sales Associate

    TJ joined us in January, 2019.  When TJ was asked to share about himself, he talked all about how he plays golf.  I've seen video of him playing golf, and I have to say, that if it were me, I wouldn't tell people I play golf.  The video I saw had him swinging as hard as he could, and hitting one of his playing partners right in the stomach.  The guy was standing behind him.  If you've never seen Charles Barkley swing a golf club, I would strongly recommend going to youTube and checking it out.  It's a pretty close match to TJ's swing.  He also said he likes to go to Coors Field, but he phrased it as a question, which had me scratching my head.  I don't know if he goes to Coors Field.  Then I realized, he probably means, he thinks he's at Coors Field, but it may just be the ball fields at the Broomfield Industrial Park Sports Complex.  Apparently one day he sat there for 4 hours screaming at Nelson Arranado to hit the ball before realizing that he was actually watching a flock of geese eat.  Fortunately his confusion over whether he's been to Coors Field doesn't impact his ability to match a person with just the right car, and since that's what he does every day, we've deemed that more valuable.

  • Ryan McGehee
    Mazda Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.104

    Ryan joined us in 2017.  He came to us from Dallas, Texas, but he doesn't have a thick accent, so it's pretty easy to work with him.  It doesn't say how long he was in Texas, so maybe Dallas was just a layover on his flight here? It says 'moved from Texas', but technically when you're in a plane, you're moving.  I'm going to go with that, let's say he's from Arizona, that would explain the lack of a southern accent better. He says that he likes to mountain bike, but he did it more in Texas, which proves that he doesn't come from Texas, because Texas doesn't have mountains.

  • Dan O'Bryan
    Ford Sales Guide
    303.469.1801 x.165

  • Steve Power
    Ford Sales Associate
    303.469.1801 x.166

    Steve joined us in late 2016. Despite his name, Steve is not the alter ego for a superhero. Although, unassuming car salesman would be a pretty great cover. He definitely needs you to remember there's not an S at the end of Power (he got strangely defensive about this point).  He was a sous chef when he was younger, so he's probably really good at chopping things. He loves to skateboard with his son, although that's only fun until you hurt yourself, so we'll see how long that lasts. Finally, he is not from North Dakota. I don't remember why that's important, but I have it in my notes, so I'm going with it.

  • Martin Richardson
    Ford Service Advisor
    303.469.1801 x.173

    Martin started selling cars here in 2017.  His love of his Alabama heritage shows through, not only in his faint accent, but also in the Roll Tide bumper stickers on his car.  Martin says he has a thick exterior, but really we all know he has a heart of gold and a great sense of humor.  I think he's trying to lose weight as well, so that thick exterior isn't quite as thick.  He doesn't need it in my eyes, but good for him.  When he's not helping people find the best car for their needs, Martin enjoys not working.  He also enjoys golfing, which seems to explicitly counter the joy of not working, but I suppose he doesn't dig ditches on his off time, so golf is less work than that.

  • Ryland Snow
    Ford Sales Associate
    303.469.1801 x.122

    Ryland said, "I don't have a biography on the site."

    I said, "you told me not to write one." 
    Then he said, "well now I want one and you can write whatever you want."

    To quote Pretty Woman, "Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now."  The last sentence, doesn't really add to things, but it's how the quote ends.  When Ryland joined the crew some time ago (no idea when, but more than 3 years), he was just a wet behind the ears little kid whose mom is in charge of all of our accounting.  Now, he has truly blossomed into an impressive young man who can sell a car like few others, and rarely wears sweatpants to work.  His pride and joy is his beautiful white Mustang GT350 that, as far as his mom knows, he's never wrecked.  He often likes to regale us about his torrid love affair with Melissa McCarthy, it was fleeting, but apparently he is quite the charmer.  On his free time Ryland loves to jump up and down with a bunch of strangers under black light to Electronic Dance Music, and that's what gives him the stamina to hustle like almost no one else here when it comes to getting the customer taken care of.  I'd tell you more about him, but I got literally nothing to work with, sorry.

  • Ty Steerman
    Special Finance Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.127

    Ty got here in 2016, and now helps those with credit troubles get back on their feet and set a path for a better financial future.  When I asked him what was interesting about himself he said he loves the outdoors and his family.  I told him that wasn't nearly interesting enough, and asked if he'd ever killed someone.  He said no.  So... Good for him!  I do know that he makes world renowned honey.  It may only be dealership renowned.  (OK, I've made some calls, turns out that a couple people know he makes honey, but they agreed it was very good local honey.)

  • Russ Stradley
    Luxury Finance Director

  • Zayne Tatro
    Luxury Service Advisor
    303.469.1801 x.770

    Zayne started in 2014 and proved so successful in the Mazda drive that he was moved to the Volvo drive, which is way more inside than Mazda. Now he gets cold less. He's got a passion for customers and his family. However, Zayne's family has been asked not to also be customers for the simple reason that we're afraid the passion would become so strong, that Zayne may not be able to handle it. I imagine the expression of such passion would be akin to that of a soccer fan whose team has just won the World Cup, or perhaps an 8-year old who just got the action figure he's been pining for.

  • Luis Triana
    Mazda Sales Associate

  • Robert von Tempsky
    Ford Finance Representative
    303.469.1801 x.785

    Robert came to Sill-TerHar in 2005 via Hawaii and brought the famous island personality with him. The only thing Robert does better than making friends is golfing. His prodigious skills make him very popular among those playing in charity golf tournaments.  If you want to make your car-buying experience extra special, ask him for his chili recipe; it's wonderful.

    Favorite Car:
    1962 Lincoln Continental

  • Rich Waters
    Mazda Finance Associate

  • Jordan Winner
    Mazda Service Advisor

    Jordan joined Sill-TerHar in early 2019, but the secret is, this is her second time around.  Originally Jordan was a receptionist and service scheduler in our Ford service department where she wowed with her friendly smile and intricate artwork.  It was that artwork that took her away from us as she pursued her dream of being a parade float make up artist.  She wasn't doing the make up of the people on the parades, just the giant balloons that float down the streets of New York City during the Macy's day parade.  Sadly, doing perfect blush blending on a 40 foot tall Betty Boop balloon once a year was not quite enough to sustain the high fashion lifestyle that is living in Manhattan.  We were overjoyed at her failure!  Not her failure actually.  Just the fact that it meant she could come back to us and help make the service experience for Mazda customers the absolute best it could be!