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  • Jack TerHar
    303.469.1801 x.6514

    Jack joined his dad's dealership in 1970 and was quickly shown to be a natural in the automotive business. His success at building a wonderful family and business stems from an innate ability to make friends and positively influence those around him. His close relationship with the manufacturers has led him to having a unique perspective on the automotive industry. On his down time, he is an avid golfer and loves to travel. More than anything, he is proud of what Sill-TerHar has become, and values that his entire family is involved in its continued growth. He is pictured here with his wife Penny. 

    Favorite Car:
    2003 Ford GT

  • Greg Larson
    303.469.1801 x.129

    Greg's a Broomfielder through and through. He joined the staff in 2002 as a manager and has become known for his gruff exterior, however most of us know that if you don't let it phase you, you can get to his soft, nougaty center. As any well-versed leader, he commands respect and returns affection. He's a lot like Batman in that way. He loves the outdoors and his fifth wheel that he takes "camping."

  • Fred White
    Volvo Leader
    303.469.1801 x.125

    Fred has been at Sill-TerHar since 1988, which means he's one of our longest tenured employees.  Fred has been in the Denver area all of his life, and currently resides in Broomfield with his wife, Lisa. When he's not loving his horses, he loves to hunt (there's a rumor going around that Fred is the guy that Dick Cheney shot by accident, but it mostly exists to build his reputation as a tough guy.) If you sneak up on him, you can see his softer side, like here, where he's seen intently watching an episode of Maury Povich.

  • Steven Leonard
    Luxury Leader
    303.469.1801 x.769

    Steven joined Sill-TerHar in 2008 as a luxury pre-owned salesman.  He has since become our Jaguar and Aston Martin representative.  He is an avid baseball fan and has been a Colorado Rockies season ticket holder for since their inception.  He enjoys travelling and has been all over the world.

    Favorite Car:  

    1961 Jaguar XKE

  • Shane Gilmore
    Mazda Leader
    303.469.1801 x.780

    Shane started at Sill-TerHar in 2005. Growing up in Broomfield, Shane used to look longingly at the great working environment of Sill-TerHar, and vowed that one day he'd be top salesman there. Little did he know that this was not in his future, so he became a manager instead. Also, interesting side note, he went to middle school with my wife, but you don't know me... so maybe that's just interesting to me.

  • Jeff Boese
    Ford & Lincoln Leader
    303.469.1801 x.103

    Jeff joined Sill-TerHar in 2007, and worked his way from salesman to finance manager to selling oil rigs to sales manager. One of those was not with Sill-TerHar.  Climbing the corporate ladder is easy for Jeff as he is 5 foot 19 inches tall, so he's pretty much already at the top before he starts.  Do you wonder what Jeff looks like when he's been surprised?  He looks like this.

  • Mitch Ross
    Ford Service Leader
    303.469.1801 x.231

    Our amazing Quick Lane leader got here in 2004 and quickly started winning the hearts of our customers. When he's not remembering customers' names or being firm-but-fair with his employees, Mitch loves to fall off of motorcycles that are way up in the air. To be fair, I don't think the intent is to fall off, but he definitely intends to jump the motorcycle way up high. The falling thing may be because he's not very good, or simply because of the inherent risk of falling that comes with motocross. I would be remiss not to mention the great love he has for his amazing family, as he'd be be grumpy at me for excluding them.

  • Bobby Beaudoin
    Ford Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.108

    Bobby has been with the dealership for long enough that I can't remember a time without him.  A long-time local, he moved from sales, to finance, and now to management. We're all very proud he made it to management, but also a little surprised.  I've promised him that as long as we work together, I'll never let him forget his little mishap at the company golf tournament, so many years ago.  Fortunately Bobby survived, and now he's in charge of other people.

  • Logan Berry
    Ford Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.278

    Not the little red berry, that's a loganberry.  It's easy to get them confused. I suppose Logan is a better name than Rasp though.  He grew up in Colorado in the woods just outside of Blackhawk, so not only is he a Coloradoan, he's probably the guy you want to know during the zombie apocalypse.  If someone can grow up in the woods, he's the guy I want to be with when everything goes bad. He used to work for parks and rec, which makes sense with the woods thing, I'm sure he can just command the trees to grow.  He was supposed to be left handed, but accidentally leared everything with his right hand. It's been a while since I took these notes, so I have no idea what that means.

  • Angela Boese
    Ford/Lincoln Saleswoman
    303.469.1801 x.106

    Angela Boese

    Ford/Lincoln Saleswoman

    303.469.1801 x.106

    Angela came to Sill-TerHar by way of Mesa State College in 2002. She is a consistent top performer and excels at customer care and follow up. Now that we have the appropriate accolades out of the way, it's worth noting that she may have some relation, maybe marital, to someone else on this page. I'm not saying who.

    Favorite Car:

    She couldn't come up with one, so a group decision chose the 1986 Merkur xr4ti. It was probably a bad choice.

  • Jeff Callies
    Ford/Lincoln Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.126

    Most of us pronounce Jeff's last name Cal-eez, but he says Cuh-lees. He's been at Sill-TerHar since 2010 and is a lover of adrenaline sports. He bikes with his son Jacob (which I misunderstood to mean that he jumped over his son Jacob with his bike), snowboards (although at his age, it hurts a lot) and raced motorcycles for 23 years. He's also told me that if we would fund him, he'd race cars now.  He doesn't race cars now.

    Favorite Car:
    1985 Toyota MR2

  • Kevin Caywood
    Ford Salesman
    x. 174

    Kevin joined Sill-TerHar in 2014... and 2015.  You see, he saw greener pastures, then realized that the pastures were actually the swimming pools at the Rio Olympics when they turned all green.  We're glad to have him back as his infectious laugh can be heard throughout the showroom, any time he's watching cat videos on YouTube.  He is a licensed (or maybe not, I didn't ask for that level of detail) hypnotherapist, so if you'd like to stop smoking, or cluck like a chicken, while buying your car, he's your guy.  It was suggested that he would use his powers to influence the negotiation process, but don't worry, he's not a Jedi.

    Favorite Car:
    Ford C-Max

  • Eric Colby
    Body shop advisor
    303.469.1801 x.750

    Had Ted Knepp been hired first, I would assume that Ted wanted an employee much like himself: kind, easy going, and friendly. But that's not the case, Eric signed on just before Ted, also in 2007. He is the Robin to Ted's Batman, the Sherman to Ted's Mr. Peabody, the Incrediboy to Ted's Mr. Incredible (only without the whole turning into the arch nemesis and trying to destroy the world thing...). When he's not working hard Eric really enjoys relaxing at home playing video games and undoubtedly arguing with 14-year olds who think that Eric is a giant n00b.

  • Jack Dagger
    Ford Service Adviser
    303469.1801 x.258

    Jack started in May of 2016.  He worked here in 2012 as well, and maybe several more times.  Honestly, it says that in the notes.  I know I make stuff up, but Jack apparently doesn't remember working here prior to 2012.  I'd worry about being insensitive, but as far as I know he's a healthy adult with no history of amnesia.  He's worked with customers getting their cars fixed for 20 years.  He's a bass player in a blues band.  The giant stand-up violin looking thing, not the fish.  On a side note, there's a chance he likes fishing.  He didn't say that, but the whole bass/bass thing makes me think he likes to fish.

  • Kelly Donaldson
    Luxury Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.6551

    Kelly started as a Ford salesman in late 2016.  He has since moved to our luxury sales team because he's so refined and appropriate.  Not that any of our salespeople aren't... He's just super that way. He graduated from Vanderbilt.  Or Villanova? I always get the two confused. When I asked for interesting things he said he does nothing for fun, he's terrible at skiing (but trying to be better), he played tennis in college, and he won the F1 Championship in 1997.  When he was 5. I think he was lying about the last one. If you meet Kelly don't be alarmed by how tall he is. He looks almost too tall because he's skinny, but really he's just normal too tall.

  • Todd Doty
    Lamborghini Tech
    303.469.1801 x.6540

    Todd joined us in 2011 along with our Lamborghini franchise.  His love of cars and vast knowledge of how they work set him apart as a truly expert technician.  Not only is Todd willing to sit and talk with his customers about the work he does, he teaches in his free time.  When you've worked on cars as much as Todd, you can do things like pull out an osciliscope and listen to the little robot in your car that makes it go, to figure out why he refuses to bang the thing, that makes the other thing make the fire.  I don't really know how cars work. When asked about his interests, Todd listed spending time with his children, shooting his guns and flying planes.  There's no clarification on what type of plane he flies, but given his skills, I imagine it's either an ultralight, or a 747.  I'm pretty sure he owns both.

  • John Estrada
    Special Finance Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.277

    John has been with Sill-TerHar for many years. Sadly, not all in a row. Fortunately for us, he realized that this truly is the best place to sell cars on the front range, so he's back and ready to pick up where he left off... although he's selling Fords now, not Mazdas, but it's the same idea.  The awesome background of this photo is simply some really bright poster board that I had in my office.  Please know that none of our dealership looks like that.

    Favorite Car:
    2011 Ford Mustang GT500

  • Paul Farrow
    Mazda Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.764

    Paul is one of two Pauls that sells Mazdas for us.  They're easy to tell apart though, if you say, "Hey Paul", the one that looks at you is Paul.  This Paul is a big fan of tattoos.  If you ever have the pleasure of shopping with him, be sure to ask for the story regarding the unicorn on the back of an elephant tattoo.  That one really resonates with me.  He would like to get more tattoos, like maybe one of Bob Newhart snowboarding down his back, or I bet he'd look great with one of the works of Pierre Soulages on his neck.  Paul also enjoys his 1974 Chevelle, he cruises around in it whenever possible. It doesn't run, so really he's just sitting in his garage, but someday, it will be something special.

  • George Gassman
    Ford Service Adviser

    George started as a Ford Sevice Adviser in 2018 with past experience in the field.  His attention to the customer makes him excellent at his position, and customers love him.  George loves to go fast.  Not like, "Hey, I'm on the highway doing 90 when I shouldn't be" fast.  We're talking, get in your drag racer after building your own racing transmission and see if the ramp at the end will get you into space fast.  The kind of fast that makes it look like your face skin is about to come away from your skull like in a cartoon.  He also dreams of owning a 1967 Ford Mustang GT500.  That probably won't go as fast.  Much like my dad, when you've hit a certain age, you just go slower.

  • Steve Gates
    Mazda Parts Manager
    303.469.1801 x.772

    Steve started in 2013 as our Mazda-parts guy, and sits in a small blue room with a window that is reminiscent of a drive-through. I keep hoping that he'll put on a turban and do an impression of Zoltan from the movie Big, I think he could pull it off in his little blue room. When he's not telling fortunes, Steve enjoys woodworking, building all sorts of great things out of wood like this table, these eating implements, or this chair.

  • Cole Gilmore
    Mazda/Lincoln Salesman
    303.369.1801 x.763

    Cole worked at Sill-TerHar for a year in 2013, then decided to go to college.  I'll write more when I have time... Probably.

  • Gigi Greenlee
    Customer Care Coordinator
    303.469.1801 x.177

    Gigi is the ray of sunshine that makes coming to work worth it, she is tasked with making sure that all of our customers are always as happy as they can be. She truly treats each one as though they're family... I'm realizing as I type this that having my intern take notes about employees is more effective when it's not Gigi's son.  Gigi loves doing triathlons and has completed some impressive events, like the Ironman for women, which is somehow not called the Ironwoman, that seems like an easy fix. I can say from experience that, on her bike, she's a cadence rider. That is to say that she can ride forever, but she's really slow up hills. When we rode to work together on ride to work day I thought she was being nice on the hills so I didn't feel bad not keeping up, but it turns out she just goes slow sometimes.  Don't tell her I said this, but she really is amazing with customers after they've purchased a car, and we're lucky to have her.

  • Jon Hansen
    Fleet Leader
    303.469.1801 x.114

    Jon feels like he's been at Sill-TerHar since at least 2015, apparently it's been since 2013.  He generally sits quietly in back taking great care of his fleet customers. Jon is an avid golfer and loves watching his boys play baseball.  He's an excellent father, no one watches their kids hurt themselves in sports better than Jon. I mean, you should see his Facebook page, it's all broken arms, or busted lips, of course it really just proves that they're giving it their all, just like their dad.  On a side note, Jon prints things to the printer across the hall and ALWAYS leaves it on there. He's so bad about it that now, whenever I walk by and see something on the printer I hand it to him, and a solid 73% of the time, it's his!

  • Troy Hines
    Ford Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.150

    Troy started working with us in 2016.  He's sold cars for a long time, but he's just now found the best place to sell cars.  Unfortunately it costs a lot of money to move to Maui.  So he found the best place in Colorado to sell cars.  Us.  We're the best place in Colo.... Never mind.  When I think about all the things I really know about Troy, the one that stands out is that he has a best friend that he's known since 3rd grade.  I met him the other day.  His name is Eric.

  • Greg Johnson
    303.469.1801 x.120

    Greg started at Sill-TerHar on December 7th, 2009. He's an avid golfer and whenever he can he enjoys travelling the country in his RV with his wife. He proudly points out that his RV is on a Ford chassis.  He did not mention how many TVs the RV has, and we all know that TVs are the true measure of an RV.  Well... TVs and bathrooms. 

    Favorite Car:
    1974 MGB GT

  • Nick Karichkowsky
    Special Finance Team
    303.469.1801 x.118

    Nick stumbled upon us in 2016.  He's a super happy guy who hails from Hawaii. That heritage is reflected in his last name.  Karichkowsky.  It's awful to spell, and probably not actually Hawaiian.  Rumor is it's Polish, which also explains his happiness.  The Poles are a very happy people.  Nick seems very proud of his history as a rugby player at CU, so if you see him running at you out on the lot, it may not hurt to duck behind a car.  As I was taking his picture, he decided to show me that his hands were bigger than his face.

  • Chloe Keenan
    303.469.1801 x.161

    Chloe joined Sill-TerHar in 2016.  She knew people here before she started working, so I think she spent some time in Broomfield.  She also loves dinosaurs, raptors specifically.  Not the tiny, over-hyped Velociraptor, but the WAY cooler Utahraptor.  She was afraid that her photo would be too Christmassy with that scarf on, but I told her that I would point out that she's just really loves candy canes... year round.  She also worked on a yacht!  I didn't ask what she did, but my money is on propeller.  She seems to have VERY strong legs.

  • Angela Kirby
    Volvo Service Adviser
    303.469.1801 x.766

    Angela is one of our excellent Volvo advisors.  She is amazing at taking care of her customers, keeping her desk a cluttered mess, and breaking her computer is very interesting ways.  If you are working with her, be sure to check out her tiny rubber pig that sits on her desk.  He's adorable.  Also, he's not real.  Just some sort of rubber substance.

  • Ted Knepp
    Body shop leader
    303.469.1801 x.775

    Ted started in 2007 and runs the greatest body shop I've ever had the pleasure of visiting (it may be the only body shop here, but it remains a hidden gem at Sill-TerHar.) Ted's soft-spoken demeanor leaves those around him smiling regularly as well as the old pricing board with movable lettering, which allows those who are a bit more mischievous to give his charm a more southern feel by offering his customers an iced tea.

  • Chris Kocourek
    Financial Leader

  • Jeremy Lindstom
    Internet Sales Leader
    303.469.1801 x.171

    Jeremy joined us in late 2017 as our Internet Sales Manager.  If you've contacted us by internet, there's a good chance that Jeremy has had a hand in those communications.  Sometimes it's because he grabs things off the printer before other people can get there and runs away giggling, but usually it's because he works with our salespeople to make sure our customers have an easy path through the buying process.  Also, his military and correctional facility experience mean that he has a soft spot that you can really feel the moment you meet him. He tells me he loves Ligers. I think that's because they can eat people.

  • Spencer Madsen
    Commercial Fleet Sales & Account Leader

    Spencer joined the Sill-TerHar team in 2017 to work in our fleet department.  As of the writing of this Spencer manages such accounts as "his uncle's truck".  He's really new still. He played Lacrosse in college, it doesn't say where, but looking at him, my guess it was one of the big programs like West Alabama State Junior College - Orange Beach Campus.  For fun these days he's a big fan of wake-boarding and golfing, I don't know his handicap, but I suspect it's when the water is really cold.

    Favorite Car:
    Corvette Stingray. We're going to have a talk later about what you probably shouldn't say is your favorite car when you work at a Ford dealership.

  • Ryan McGehee
    Mazda Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.104

    Ryan joined us in 2017.  He came to us from Dallas, Texas, but he doesn't have a thick accent, so it's pretty easy to work with him.  It doesn't say how long he was in Texas, so maybe Dallas was just a layover on his flight here? It says 'moved from Texas', but technically when you're in a plane, you're moving.  I'm going to go with that, let's say he's from Arizona, that would explain the lack of a southern accent better. He says that he likes to mountain bike, but he did it more in Texas, which proves that he doesn't come from Texas, because Texas doesn't have mountains.

  • Tom Perales
    Mazda Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.767

    Tom started at Sill-TerHar in 2007, and despite his young appearance he is a father of six kids, and grandfather of four.  He's a quiet and hard worker which make him a great asset to the Sill-TerHar team.

    Favorite Car:
    He says none, but I suspect he loves a good stretch limo so he can get all his family in there.

  • Scott Peterson
    Ford Salesman
    x. 135

    Scott Peterson has been here since 2015. He has a deep passion for cars, in fact his current Subaru WRX has 5 turbochargers that he installed himself, although 4 of them are mounted on the trunk like a spoiler. Liking cars doesn't make you good at modifying them. He loves his family (I had to put that there because I'm nice.). When I asked him what his hobbies are, he said he does NOT skydive. It really wasn't a very good answer as it didn't tell me anything about what he likes to do. When he was asked about his love for shearing sheep, the giant grin and silence spoke volumes. My guess is that he loves to knit. Or he finds naked sheep as funny as I do.

    Favorite Car:
    That one with the fancy turbocharges that he made.

  • Robert Phillips
    Ford Salesman

    Robert joined us in June 2018 as a Ford and Lincoln salesman. In between taking care of his clients at the showroom and sleeping, he enjoys to spend his time working on all-things audio; I suppose that's why Robert is such a great listener then...

    P.S. I'm not sure if he goes by Rob or not. Give it a shot and see if it sticks.

  • Paul Piechocki
    Mazda Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.110

    Paul joined our Mazda team in the summer of 2017.  He's joined us after a long tenure doing public service throughout the US.  Apparently he did work with the government in his public service tenure, not, as I thought, just drove around the country helping people restart their computers because their printer wouldn't print.  His time in the Army makes him a veteran, his sensitivity to being called a Navy man proves that he was in the Army.  With his free time, Paul very much enjoys off-roading.  His greatest accomplishment is every time he gets home and was never upside-down.

  • Steve Powers
    Ford Salesman

    Steve joined us in late 2016. Despite his name, Steve is not the alter ego for a superhero. Although, unassuming car salesman would be a pretty great cover. He definitely needs you to remember there's an S at the end of Powers (he got strangely defensive about this point).  He was a sous chef when he was younger, so he's probably really good at chopping things. He loves to skateboard with his son, although that's only fun until you hurt yourself, so we'll see how long that lasts. Finally, he is not from North Dakota. I don't remember why that's important, but I have it in my notes, so I'm going with it.

  • Brian Reece
    Special Finance Leader
    303.469.1801 x.148

    Bryan joined Sill-TerHar in 2010 as half a third a quarter of our always growing special finance team. His role is to match people with cars that they love, as well as loans they can afford that may help them improve their credit. He is a dad above all else, but won't stop telling hunting stories, so one has to believe that's a passion for him. 

    Favorite Car:
    1968 Ford Mustang

  • Chanelle Ribiere
    Luxury Saleswoman
    303.469.1801 x.6502

    Chanelle started in the summer of 2017 as a luxury saleswoman.  She's excellent with her customers and her attentiveness delivers a true luxury buying experience.  She lists her interesting facts as being born in Taiwan, but not Taiwanese.  It think her parents were out of town when she was born.  She didn't say, but knowing her as I do, I'm guessing that her heritage is about 20% Swedish, 20% Indian, 10% Canadian, 30% Brazilian, 10% Italian, 15% Taiwanese, & 6% Rhode Islandese (Islandian?).  I know that's more than 100%, but Chanelle really is something special to the dealership.

  • Ty Steerman
    Special Finance Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.127

    Ty got here in 2016, and now helps those with credit troubles get back on their feet and set a path for a better financial future.  When I asked him what was interesting about himself he said he loves the outdoors and his family.  I told him that wasn't nearly interesting enough, and asked if he'd ever killed someone.  He said no.  So... Good for him!  I do know that he makes world renowned honey.  It may only be dealership renowned.  (OK, I've made some calls, turns out that a couple people know he makes honey, but they agreed it was very good local honey.)

  • Molly Marston
    Service Leader
    303.469.1801 x.6503

    Molly has been at Sill-TerHar in one form or another since 2007. She's a proud grandma, and is learning to drive four-wheelers, which I took to mean driving on for wheels, but was quickly corrected. Finally, and I hesitate to say this, but she's very much into... "girly stuff". I'll let you imagine what that means.

  • Martin Richardson
    Service Adviser
    303.469.1801 x.173

    Martin started selling cars here in 2017.  His love of his Alabama heritage shows through, not only in his faint accent, but also in the Roll Tide bumper stickers on his car.  Martin says he has a thick exterior, but really we all know he has a heart of gold and a great sense of humor.  I think he's trying to lose weight as well, so that thick exterior isn't quite as thick.  He doesn't need it in my eyes, but good for him.  When he's not helping people find the best car for their needs, Martin enjoys not working.  He also enjoys golfing, which seems to explicitly counter the joy of not working, but I suppose he doesn't dig ditches on his off time, so golf is less work than that.

  • Dani Schwartz
    Mazda Administrative Assistant
    303.469.1801 x.762

    Dani joined in 2018 and has the vital role of receptionist/administrative assistant at Mazda.  This generally means that she is the only one at Mazda who knows exactly what's going on.  Many people know their departments, but only Dani will know all.  She loves EVERYTHING music related. She was in a rock band in high school and is very interested in music production.  She enjoys all genres of music, but her heart lies in R&B.  When she's bored at home or work is slow she loves to write song lyrics and come up with beasts.  I think that last part is a typo.  However, she may also enjoy illustrating fantasy creatures.  There are plenty of people who like that.

  • Eric Smith
    Luxury Salesman

    Eric joined the Luxury team in late August of 2018 under the pretense that he'd be able to take some of these vehicles under his wing. Unfortunately, we couldn't hold up that part of the bargain, but as an upstanding salesman and a phenomenal asset to the team, who knows what can happen. Eric's long tenure in traveling has made him worldly, and is excited at the time of this writing for his cruise to the Mediterranean Sea with his Wife. Oh, and he loves the older luxury cars; the first that came to mind was the Lamborghini Miura.

  • Zayne Tatro
    Luxury Service Advisor
    303.469.1801 x.770

    Zayne started in 2014 and proved so successful in the Mazda drive that he was moved to the Volvo drive, which is way more inside than Mazda. Now he gets cold less. He's got a passion for customers and his family. However, Zayne's family has been asked not to also be customers for the simple reason that we're afraid the passion would become so strong, that Zayne may not be able to handle it. I imagine the expression of such passion would be akin to that of a soccer fan whose team has just won the World Cup, or perhaps an 8-year old who just got the action figure he's been pining for.

  • Robert von Tempsky
    Finance Advisor
    303.469.1801 x.785

    Robert came to Sill-TerHar in 2005 via Hawaii and brought the famous island personality with him. The only thing Robert does better than making friends is golfing. His prodigious skills make him very popular among those playing in charity golf tournaments.  If you want to make your car-buying experience extra special, ask him for his chili recipe; it's wonderful.

    Favorite Car:
    1962 Lincoln Continental

  • Jake Tracy
    Mazda Service Leader
    303.469.1801 x.770

    Jake started in our Quick Lane in 2016.  His ability to wow customers and do paperwork well put him on the top of the list when we needed a Mazda service adviser.  He is known as "The guy who has three huskies".  When asked if three huskies was a code for some secret corn achievement, he said, "No.  It means I have three huskies." After the disappointment passed, he told us they're named "Aspen, Halo, & Jet."  When he's not working he loves lacrosse that he's been playing for more than ten years.  He has yet to discover that with age comes pain, before long he'll likely love WATCHING lacrosse.

  • Ryland Snow
    Ford Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.122

  • Steve Theurer
    Volvo Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.6523

    Steve Theurer (we pronounce it Thoy-er, you're just going to have to trust me on this one) joined Sill-TerHar so long ago that I'm pretty sure he's had time to have a daughter, raise said daughter, and have her being working at Sill-TerHar in the service department.  Not an impressive feat if she's 10, but she's not, she's mostly an adult.  In his free time he's a member of Westminster Optimists club, which leaves him smiling all the time, and never concerned about half a glass of milk.  He also likes to make his own wine, which I'm told tastes very much like alcohol.  

  • Del Williams
    Ford Service Advisor
    303.469.1801 x.259

    Del has been at Sill-TerHar since 2007. I don't really know how else to say this, but when I asked him for a little bio information about himself he said, it would probably just be a bunch of profanity. This being a kid friendly bio section, I'm going to do the best I can with his more cherished accomplishment... "I once &%*@!& a !&!* in the *$&%&@ !*!@#&$ cargo hold of a *@&^%&@& @&#! C-130."

  • Ralph Winters
    Mazda Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.107

    Ralph came aboard in 1993. He's our expert on performance Mustangs and Harley Davidsons, however, his knowledge of Mustangs is far more beneficial to the dealership. In his down time he rides, and builds models of, motorcycles. He's pictured here in an Embraer Legacy 600, unfortunately not his.

    Favorite Car:
    1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

  • Bill
    Mazda Salesman
    303.469.1801 x.752

    I must confess I added the ellipses for effect, Bill's last name is Zimmerer and a lot of people miss the other er. Bill's been trying to remind people of his second er since 2013 here in Broomfield. He's a great salesman who once played almost professional football for the Chicago Stars. He likes to remember those days through the display of his great old helmet that sits behind him on his desk. From the looks of the helmet, Bill got tackled plenty.