Aston Martin: Bringing A Bit of the Silver Screen To You


Most everyone aspires to be well-put-together in life. Famed movie character James Bond certainly seems to have the Utopian ideal – engaging career, exciting life, never-ending assortment of fast cars. Of course, 007 is but a visage, a front, a fiction. Still, for fans of Aston Martin, there's nothing quite like seeing a new James Bond film with Aston Martin vehicles being tested to their limits during high-octane chases. The classic Aston Martin DB5, which was famously featured in "Goldfinger", and the groundbreaking Aston Martin V8, once featured in "The Living Daylights", will be accompanied in the newest James Bond Movie by an all-new Aston Martin: The Valhalla. Soon-to-be released, the Valhalla is sure to impress. You may not ever meet Mr. Bond – but the Valhalla is proof positive that you might just be able to nab one of his cars.

Explore the Aston Martin Valhalla

If you haven't heard of the Aston Martin AM-RB-003 hypercar, now you have. Officially dubbed the Aston Martin Valhalla now, this new Aston Martin will be a limited-production vehicle with only 500 examples expected to be produced and sold. Made entirely of carbon fiber with an F1 steering wheel, a contemporary, stark interior, and boasting a hybrid powertrain, the advanced Valhalla is expected to provide a motoring experience unlike any other – one which also includes an estimated 2.5-second 0-60 mph sprint.

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