Getting Ready for Summer Vacation: How to Prepare Your Vehicle

Want to take a vacation this summer? Taking a vacation can be fun – but how do you plan for a road trip that's stress-free? While no vacation or trip is mishap-proof, there are some key ways to plan ahead so that your journey, at least, goes without a hitch.

Here's How to Prep Your Vehicle for a Summer Trip


  1. Get your oil changed: Your engine oil helps your vehicle operate efficiency, keeping things running smoothly, literally and figuratively. Getting it changed before a road trip is always a good idea.
  2. Get your brakes and tires checked: Your brakes help you stop; your tires keep you moving forward. Simple enough. Yet these two vehicle components are key to a safe trip. Make sure you get them checked if you plan to travel this summer!
  3. Get an A/C evacuation & recharge: A/C is an important part of keeping you and your passengers comfortable during a road trip. Make sure yours is functioning at 100% capacity by scheduling A/C service today.
  4. Prepare a roadside hazard kit: Keep a roadside hazard kit on-hand with water, food, and first aid supplies.
  5. Have physical maps handy: Headed through an area with weak 4G LTE service where your GPS fizzles out? Not sure of your route? Keeping a physical map on hand for road trips is a great Plan B.


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From all of us here at Sill-TerHar Motors, we wish you good luck on any summer road trips you take. Don't hesitate to contact us with questions about vehicle maintenance and repair before a road trip or anything else!

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