Top Five Reasons to Buy an SUV near Broomfield

Unlike the plaid-clad lady in the above photo, you're probably not going to need to transport hordes of boxes and lamps from Broomfield to Boulder and beyond on a regular basis. Unless of course you own a delivery business. Or a lamp shade store. In which case you might be better off with a fleet vehicle. But that doesn't mean you should stick with a sedan if your burgeoning needs require something bigger and more rugged. Here are the top five reasons we think buying a new or pre-owned SUV is a practically perfect idea.


  1. 4WD or AWD Capability: The vast majority of SUVs, like the ones we sell, offer either four-wheel-drive or intelligent all-wheel-drive for improved road-holding capability when Broomfield brings winter weather in full-force, or when you find yourself on roads of a questionable condition.
  2. Commanding Ride Height: SUVs are, for many drivers, more fun-to-drive due to their commanding view of the road and comparatively high ride height.
  3. Space for Everyone and Everything: Whether you go for a subcompact crossover SUV or a true body-on-frame full-size SUV, this body style provides a range of different sized vehicles all geared towards providing extra space for passengers and cargo.
  4. Vacation Versatility: SUVs make the ideal vehicle for travel lovers, thanks to their extra space and versatility. What's more, most SUVs either come with or are available with roof rails and cross bars to carry luggage racks, sporting equipment, and more.
  5. You Like SUVs: Need more reason to buy an SUV? Maybe you just like them. That's right, you don't need permission to like an SUV. But you probably will need financing – which we can provide you here at Sill-TerHar Motors!


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