Avoid Getting Pulled Over With These Helpful Tips & Tricks

No one likes getting pulled over. Lessen your chances of seeing red & blue in the rearview mirror by adhering to some of the following tips!


  • Fix any broken lights or turn signals: By law, it's important in the majority of U.S. states to drive with two working headlights, two working taillights, and working turn signal indicators that illuminate red. If any of the above things are amiss, you could get pulled over, or ticketed.
  • Make sure your license plates are legible: That means fixing your license plate light or replacing the bulb, and taking off tinted or plastic license plate covers in many states.
  • Fix your exhaust if it's loud: Modified or broken exhaust systems that sound like a formula one racer or a jet engine preparing for takeoff can get you pulled over or ticketed. Fix your exhaust to prevent this!
  • Have your cracked windshield repaired:You could potentially be fined or ticketed if your windshield is cracked. Tinted windshields that obstruct vision are also a cause for fines or tickets.
  • Follow the rules of the road: It goes without saying – but is, perhaps, worth mentioning – following the rules of the road is a surefire way to not only prevent yourself from getting pulled over, but also a way to keep you and others (both in your car and other vehicles) safe.


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