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Ways To Drive More Efficiently

You would drive across town if gas was a dollar cheaper? Of course. We don't know anyone who wouldn't pay more for gas. So what about driving more efficiently to save gas? We have some helpful tips and tools to help everyone getting better fuel economy no matter what type of vehicle you drive.

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Certified Pre-Owned Mazda

Not every driver in the Bloomfield and Denver areas are looking for a new vehicle. There are many benefits to buying a pre-owned car, like the amount of money you can save. And when you buy a certified pre-owned Mazda you are getting a high-quality vehicle at a great price. But what does it mean to certified pre-owned Mazda?


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Wash Your Car Does More Than Keep It Clean

There are many good reasons to consistently wash your car. One of the important reasons is a good car wash helps the resale value. That doesn't mean you should wash your car just before you post it up for sale. That means you need to regularly take care of the exterior with car washes.


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Cheers to 90 Years of Volvo and a Magnificent New XC60

Volvo has accomplished a lot in its 90 years of innovation and revolution. The brand set the gold standard of automotive safety, and is still known for its ground-breaking protective measures.

For its 90th birthday, the automaker revealed the all-new XC60 to North America at the 2017 New York International Auto Show.

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MotorWeek Provides Inside Scoop on Incredible 2017 Ford Explorer

Is there anything that we here at Sill-TerHar Motors don't enjoy about the 2017 Ford Explorer, the American automaker's staple of the full-size SUV segment?

Well, quite honestly ... no. We feel the latest Explorer is a stunner from every angle.

And we think you'll get just what we mean after watching the following video. Join the good folks over at MotorWeek, as they offer their analysis of the Explorer:

At the tippy-top of the Explorer range is where one would find the fully loaded Platinum model.

Standard equipment on this trim includes a thrill-inducing, 365-horsepower turbo-V6 engine…

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Which Motor Oil Should you Use?

Synthetic motor oil or conventional-that is the question. When it comes to choosing your motor oil, it isn't always cut and dry. Many things can factor into which one is the best choice for your vehicle. It can depend on your driving habits and even age of your car. Mileage can also be a factor. But it's always best to check with your owner's manual first. if that is not an option, you can always consult with your oil change specialist. Generally speaking however, it is best to go with synthetic oil. It offers the highest level…
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Perform General Maintenance On Your Vehicle For Better Performance

If you spend a lot of time driving your car it is important to keep up on the general maintenance of it. Keeping up on the general maintenance will help to keep the car running smoother as well as much more efficiently. Keeping up on the general maintenance will also help the vehicle to last longer. One of the most basic yet helpful things you can do for your vehicle is have your oil changed.

Not many drivers realize how important engine oil is for your vehicle. The engine oil helps to lubricate the engine as well as keep it…
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